Motorola Has Something To Show You At An Event Next Month

Motorola razr image 3

Motorola is not exactly the most prominent of smartphone manufacturers these days but it is still around, and it’ll have something new for consumers as it’s preparing for an event next month.

Earlier this morning Motorola began teasing an event coming up in September. It’s fairly likely that this is for a new phone the company wants to release.

Though it is always possible that Motorola could have something else up its sleeve. However, the very nature of its teaser suggests it’s another phone. Not just any phone, though, but another flip phone. Quite likely a new version of the RAZR following the one it launched earlier this year.


Upcoming Motorola event will “flip the smartphone experience again”

With its upcoming event, Motorola is being as obvious as it can be without releasing a tell-all before the big day.

“Flipping the smartphone experience again” is as blatant as it can possibly get. Motorola will be ready to show off a new flip smartphone soon. Rumors suggest that it will be a 5G version of the RAZR.

Which would make a whole lot of sense given 5G versions of other top smartphones from well-know brands that have released more recently.


Earlier this month leaks of what are said to be this 5G variant of the phone showcased the design. it doesn’t look too different, but there are some noticeable changes that can be picked out.

This will be a virtual event happening on September 9

Naturally, the event will be happening online as it will be virtual. Just like every other one this year from companies that have had to cancel official in-person events due to the pandemic.

Motorola will be holding the virtual showcase on September 9, so the announcement of its upcoming device is just a few weeks away.


If you’re interested in watching the livestream, chances are the company will be holding it on its official YouTube channel. So keep an eye on that for that particular day. Motorola hasn’t listed a time yet for the show.

So unfortunately an extremely timely reminder isn’t possible at the moment. Motorola will however probably list a specific time once it gets closer to September 9.

It’s also possible that Motorola’s event could be about more than just one flip phone. Previous rumors have suggested that the company could be launching a RAZR 2 and a 5G version of the RAZR. Both of which are suspected to be running the Snapdragon 765G.