Mobvoi Leaks The Release Date For Its Upcoming TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Mobvoi’s TicWatch lineup is about to grow by one, as the company recently leaked the release date of the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS.

This new smartwatch from the company will be the second in less than a month that gets a release date. Though the TicWatch GTX is a smartwatch which doesn’t run on Wear OS and instead is using Mobvoi’s own software.

The latter watch option releases officially this week. As Mobvoi will begin shipping it on September 3. If you’d rather go for the company’s Wear OS option, then you’ll need to wait a bit longer. It will however still be coming out in September. So not too much longer.


The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS release date is (or was) set for September 24

In a now deleted tweet on Mobvoi’s official Twitter, the company told its followers to be ready for the upcoming TicWatch Pro 3 GPS.

Which it said would be launching on 9/24. That’s just about at the end of this month, giving the TicWatch GTX a few weeks to gather interest before Mobvoi rolls out another option for consumers.

Though, considering the company deleted the tweet, it’s possible that the release date was planned for September 24 but it will no longer be hitting shelves on that date.

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The other possible option is that the information in the tweet wasn’t a mistake and it was just put out too early. It wouldn’t be the first time that a company has accidentally leaked details like this.

That’s also assuming that it was a mistake or put out too early to begin with. There’s one more potential scenario. That Mobvoi meant to put out the tweet with the launch info and then pull it after a short while.

Knowing that publications and users would see it and pick it up. And spread the word. Doing so creates a certain level of hype and gets consumers excited about the upcoming product.


The watch also has SP02 tracking

Mobvoi is the next smartwatch brand to add SP02 tracking to a device. Not only did its tweet reveal the availability date, but it also revealed the new feature.

This along with the built-in GPS might make the watch a little bit more expensive. But it shouldn’t cost any more than the last TicWatch Pro model which was a few hundred at launch.

Now all that remains is for Mobvoi to reveal an official price tag. And that could be coming up very soon if the watch does release before the end of this month. Having said that, it has already been listed on Amazon UK for £399. So the US price is probably going to be $399.


TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Release Date Leak