MNML Case Is The Thinnest Phone Case for the Galaxy Note 20

mnml Galaxy Note 20 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of the most highly anticipated phone releases of 2020. The phone features a high-end camera, a durable screen, solid battery life, and clean-cut lines. If you’re in the market for the Note 20, that means you’ll probably need a case to protect it. When searching for the right phone case, you will have to judge whether the design, thickness and function of the case, match your style.

Are you someone who likes thick, medium or thin phone cases? Do you like flashy colors and graphics? Or do you prefer a minimalist design? Do you want a case that can charge your phone or store your license and credit cards? Or a case that protects your phone, that you can barely notice?

If you want to protect your phone, without noticing the phone case, we recommend that you check out MNML Case.


For those who might not know, MNML cases are known for being extremely thin while still providing outstanding protection. The MNML case has been designed to show off the sleek and stylish design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. With an MNML case, users will be able to showcase the contours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 without sacrificing any protection.

In the past, if you wanted to provide superior protection to your phone, you had to invest in a massive case that might double the weight of your phone. By the time you reached the end of the day, your leg probably felt like it had an anchor attached to it. Those who do not want to place their gorgeous phones in a bulky, heavy rubber phone case that fattens your pockets, should check out the MNML case.

Who Should Use an MNML Case?

MNML Case makes thin phone cases with a minimalistic design free of any branding or logos. This is done on purpose because MNML Case wants to highlight your phone’s design, not distract from it. They believe in making products with a timeless design instead of turning their customers into advertising guinea pigs.


 The MNML Case Comes in a Variety of Colors

MNML phone cases are designed to fit both the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. MNML cases are available in a variety of neutral colors including:

Matte Black
Frosted Black
Frosted White
This array of colors allows you to tailor your device to your minimalist style. If you would like to see the color of your phone, then maybe the clear phone case is for you.

The Highlights of MNML Cases

Even though the MNML case is only 0.01 inches thick, it still provides outstanding protection. There is a 2mm lip around the camera which provides added protection for your camera when you set your phone down. Plus, each case features precise cutouts for the device’s buttons and ports. MNML cases will protect your phone against drops, scrapes, scratches and scuffs. The impact of any drop will be absorbed by the case, protecting the phone’s hardware.


Another convenient feature worth highlighting is that MNML Cases are compatible with wireless charging. The days of having to remove your case to charge your phone are over! You can take your phone, place it on the charger, and wake up with a full battery without ever having to take off your MNML case!

Invest in an MNML Case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Today!

If you are looking for the best case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, then look no further than the MNML case! All MNML cases ship within just one day of placing an order and they are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. As an added bonus, Android Headline readers can get 25 percent off any item in their store when you use the code androidheadlines at checkout.

MNML Galaxy Note 20 Cases!