Would You Pay $70 For a Motorola RAZR & Minnidip-Branded Chair?


Motorola has reportedly teamed up with "luxury inflatable designer" Minnidip to announce a new smartphone accessory, a Razr-branded chair.

Sold as the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR) chair and 'designed with love in Chicago', this isn't just any chair though. It's a full-blown Razr mobile accessory built from 'super heavyweight durable vinyl'. And, as the images below show, it also comes packed with a chair for users' smartphones.

That's built right into the armrest and meant to be paired with the Motorola Razr. It's even been printed with the brands.


MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR) features are…

In terms of what users are getting with their purchase, the features are fairly limited since this is after all basically a Motorola Razr and MINNIDIP-branded chair. And an inflatable chair, at that.

The MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR) comes in a single color, a transparent frame with Blush Gold 'cushions'. Those have a printed 'cream gradient' that blends from a metallic to a satin finish. The design is, according to the listing, supposed to offer the 'illusion' of floating on air. And, honestly, that's exactly what buyers would be doing even if it wasn't see-through.

In terms of size, the chair is a bit larger than some inflatables. So it should, at the very least, be comfortable. It measures 40 x 32-inches by 28-inches tall.

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Otherwise, this is a fairly standard 'ethically-sourced and produced', 'imported', non-toxic 10 phthalate-free PVC inflatable chair. As a bonus perk, the companies did include a wide valve instead of a standard one. So this can be blown up with a hairdryer on the cool setting or an air mattress pump.

Where can you buy this Motorola Razr chair?

Now, loyal Motorola users are undoubtedly going to be clamoring to buy the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR) chair. Especially those who may want a Razr phone but who don't want to pay full price. This particular air-filled furniture piece comes with a discount code for $200 off that handset. Or at least it does for those who buy fast enough.

As to pricing, that's set at $70 even. Shipments on pre-orders will start on September 21. Just don't get too excited and open the box with a knife when it arrives. The company does include a repair patch but it's going to be a bad start to need to use that immediately upon arrival. Or try to use it as a pool float, ever — because for some reason, the company felt it needed to be explicit about that. Although that could just come down to the price of the phone itself since that's not at all waterproof beyond light splashes.