You Can Score The LG Velvet From Verizon For Only $240, This Friday

LG Velvet AM AH 1

The LG Velvet is finally making its way to Verizon, and it'll be one of the cheapest 5G devices available on Big Red's network.

Verizon's LG Velvet is going to be priced at $699. Or you can pick it up for $29.17 per month for 24 months (and that's with $0 down).

Most of the other 5G UW devices available from Verizon are priced around $999 or more. Making the LG Velvet 5G UW a really great buy.


Trade-in your phone for half off the LG Velvet 5G UW

Verizon is going to allow you to save $350 on the LG Velvet 5G UW by trading in your current device. This is a guaranteed $350 for upgrades. However, you do need to be on one of the "Premium" unlimited plans. That includes Above, Beyond, Do, Play and Get More plans. The trade-in must also be in good working condition, and the discount is applied via recurring 24-month bill credits.

And for a limited time, you can purchase the LG Velvet 5G UW online and get it for only $10 per month with a new line of service on participating Unlimited plans. That brings the price down to just $240, and makes the LG Velvet 5G UW an absolute steal.

It's also a future-proof phone for Verizon's 5G network. With support for mmWave 5G right now, and it'll also support the nationwide 5G network (running on Sub-6) when that launches later this year. So you're going to be all set to enjoy Verizon's fast 5G network.

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LG Velvet 5G UW is an impressive phone

As we found in our review of the LG Velvet, it is a truly impressive device, especially when you consider the phone is only $700.

It sports a 6.8-inch FHD+ display, with the Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This is all powered by a 4300mAh capacity battery.

There are also three cameras on the backside, with a 48-megapixel main sensor, a 5-megapixel depth sensor and a 8-megapixel ultrawide. It's good to see LG kept the ultrawide, considering the fact that it was the one that pioneered that feature.


This is a dual-screen phone, but it doesn't look like the second screen attachment is available in the box.

The LG Velvet 5G UW is available starting this Friday, August 21 from Verizon. There's no pre-order time frame. So you can order it Friday and have it the same day (if you go to a store to pick it up) or even that Saturday. Which is impressive for sure.