Lenovo Made An Even Smaller Google Assistant-Powered Smart Clock

04B Smart Clock Essential Hero Front facing right

The Lenovo Smart Clock that the company announced last year was very popular. So popular in fact that it is announcing the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. It’s an even smaller smart clock that still has Google Assistant built-in.

This smart clock has a tiny 4-inch display, which makes it great to put into a bedroom or even into the kitchen. Where there may not be a lot of space available. Lenovo is marketing this as the smart clock “made for every room”. This display is colored, so it’s not just black and white. Though it will only show the time in black and white.

It sports an easy-to-read LED display, which has real-time information displaying. Like the time, the weather and more. It can be viewed from nearly every angle. The brightness on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is pretty good, it can get very dim, thanks to the ambient light sensor that is included. It can also get bright enough to read during the day.


With the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, you can still ask Google Assistant all kinds of questions, like how’s the weather, or to control your smart home products. There are over 40,000 compatible smart home devices on the market today. You can use Google Assistant routines on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential as well.

Let’s not forget that this is also a smart speaker. Though, it may not be a very good one, since it is pretty small. It is about 3W, so it does work, but don’t expect it to be on par with a Sonos speaker, unfortunately.

When can I get this new smart clock?

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential will start at $49.99. And it is expected to be available September 2020. 

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That puts it at almost half the price of the Lenovo Smart Clock that is also around the same size (a little larger at 5-inches). This makes it pretty inexpensive, and about the same price as a Nest Mini or even an Echo Dot from Amazon.

It should be out in time for the holiday season, where it could also see even better prices. Seeing as the Lenovo Smart Clock does go on sale for around $50-$60 sometimes. This would really make a great gift this holiday season, especially with more and more of us spending more time at home, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. As the Google Assistant can be very helpful for working and schooling from home.