Is The Razer Acari The Best Gaming Mouse Mat For Small Spaces?

Razer Acari

Razer just announced a new gaming peripheral, the Acari mouse mat, and is confident that it’s able to provide you with lightning-fast reaction times.

Does that make the Razer Acari the best mouse mat for small spaces? That all depends on what you need really, but what’s certain is that this is likely to be a great mouse mat to have if you don’t have a lot of room on your desk.

Maybe you’re in college, or maybe you just have a small desk and need to make the most of it. That’s where this mouse mat might appeal to you.


The Razer Acari has a small, yet still roomy nano-bead surface area

If you’ve got very little desk space then you may not be able to spring for an extended mouse mat.

That shouldn’t be an issue with the Acari. Razer designed it to still offer a roomy surface area. It measures 420mm x 320mm, so it’s not massive, but it gives plenty of space for moving your mouse around during gaming sessions.

It’s also made with a nano-bead material that’s ultraviolet activated. Razer says this helps to ensure that the mat is getting the absolute best tracking possible for your mouse. Which is certainly important if you don’t want your game to miss any of your hand movements.


It’s also low-friction. So overall the mouse should feel like it’s gliding over surface of the mat with relative ease. It doesn’t have Chroma, though there’s always a chance Razer could release a Chroma model.

The oleophobic coating should keep it free of dust and skin oil buildup

On top of the nano-bead material, Razer implemented an oleophobic coating so that the mat stays relatively clean.

This coating is to help keep the mat mostly free of gunky buildup over time. Like skin oils and dust. If you’re sitting down for long gaming sessions most nights, your hands and wrists are going to be traveling over the mat quite often.


So anything that can help keep it as clean as possible is a good thing. Because that means you’ll have to physically clean it less. You can already pick up this mouse mat from Razer’s online store.

It will also be available through Razer’s retail partners. Such as Amazon and Best Buy. Right now though it’s not available through Best Buy’s website. The mat retails for $59.99 in the US and €69.99 in Europe.