If You Want To Pre-Order The PS5 You'll Want To Register

Sony PS5

Sony has yet to announce the price of the PS5, but it looks like you’ll be able to pre-order soon as Sony just opened up a website where you can register to do so.

If you want a chance at pre-ordering the console, this is something you will absolutely want to do. To pre-order the PS5, you will need to receive an invite from Sony, which you can only get if you register to place the pre-order.

That being said, this does not guarantee that you will get an invite to purchase the console. It is however your best chance to be one of the first to buy one and play once the console launches. FOMO aside, if you had any intentions of buying the console as soon as possible, register now or potentially miss a chance to get one in the first wave of shipments.


Register for your chance to pre-order the PS5, or potentially miss out

Sony has made it clear that once the PS5 launches, units ready for shipment before the holiday season will be limited.

This is why you’ll want to register to pre-order the console. At least, if you want a chance to be one of these consumers. You can register to pre-order the console by heading here. You’ll need to log in with your PSN account and enter your PSN ID.

Once done, Sony gives you a Thank You message and basically tells you to watch your email inbox. Invites will be sent out to the email associated with your PSN ID and PSN account. So make sure those match up. Lest you miss an invite.


Invites are sent out on a first-come-first-serve basis

The basis of Sony’s message here is don’t dawdle. To put it another way, move quickly.

Make sure you keep tabs on your email. Act as quickly as possible to pre-order once Sony gives you the opportunity. Invites are sent out on a first-come-first-serve basis. And with units being limited, Sony will only have so many consoles to go around initially.

It won’t be holding any spots. So if you don’t move to pre-order nearly right after you get the email, there is a chance you may not get to pre-order at all. At least not from Sony.


The company hasn’t said anything about whether pre-orders would be available outside of its own store. So you may want to keep your options open and watch for pre-order opportunities on places like Amazon and elsewhere.