All Huawei Devices May Run HarmonyOS In The Future

harmonyos huawei

A new report suggests that in the future, Huawei smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. may run on the home-grown Huawei’s OS, the HarmonyOS. Notably, Huawei debuted its own HarmonyOS back in 2019.

After getting banned by the US government for its operations in the country, Huawei searched for some self-reliant options. Notably, Google also banned Huawei from using its Android OS.

And as per the latest developments, Huawei is pushing hard on its process of equipping its devices with HarmonyOS. In the same event where Huawei confirmed the launch of Mate 40 series phones, a new revelation was also announced.


Huawei to pack HarmonyOS in its upcoming smartphone, tablets, and IoT products

The CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, Richard Yu, revealed that the upcoming Huawei Smartwatch will be powered by the company’s very own, HarmonyOS. Moreover, the further added that the company will start using this OS on other products as well.

These products include smartphones, tablets, computers, and other IoT products. Besides, the company aims to build HarmonyOS as an operating system across all its devices, just like the Apple ecosystem.

Huawei Mate 40 series, which is due in September this year, is confirmed to pack the Kirin chipset. But the US has already imposed a ban on the supply of Huawei chips from September 15. Fortunately, for Huawei, the Kirin chip production for the upcoming Mate 40 series will be completed by then.


Moreover, the CEO also clarified that because of these reasons, the Huawei Mate 40 series will be the last smartphones from the company to be powered by the Kirin chipset. So, are we looking at Qualcomm lending its chips for future Huawei devices? Time will only tell.

Matter of fact, Huawei devices are released without Google Play Services. Instead of Google services, the OEM is using Huawei Mobile Services.

Even after hurdles, Huawei managed to come out on top

Even after facing bans by the US government, and other major economies, Huawei managed to come out as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer in the Q2 of 2020. This is in terms of the number of shipments.


To give you some numbers, previous leader Samsung stands at the second position with 53.7 million shipments. While Huawei shipped 55.8 million units in Q2 2020. This shows that the company has a reliable user base which they can totally rely on.

It should not come as a surprise if Huawei devices go ahead with HarmonyOS for its devices. Because the company has already launched Huawei Smart TVs powered with HarmonyOS.

However, the interesting thing would be to see how Huawei handles this transition from using Android OS on almost all its products to switching over HarmonyOS.