How To Play GeForce NOW Through Chrome On PC

GeForce NOW Chrome on PC

Back in August NVIDIA announced that GeForce NOW was coming to Chromebooks through the Chrome browser, but this isn't limited to Chromebooks as it can be done on PC too.

Better still you can set this up in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any browser that uses Chromium as a backbone. All it takes is a little bit of setup to get things going.

That being said, the whole setup process of getting GeForce NOW to work on Chrome via your Windows PC is pretty simple. It doesn't take long and you never have to repeat it. Once you're done, you're done.


Here's how to set up GeForce NOW to work in Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers for your Windows PC.

How to get GeForce NOW working in Chrome for PC

GeForce NOW Chrome PC 1

To get things started, first choose which browser you're going to be using with GeForce NOW.

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As stated above it'll work with Chrome, but it also works with Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers. Once you have that picked, you need to go the Chrome Web Store and add the User-Agent Switcher For Chrome extension to your browser.

The reason you want this is because you're tricking the browser into thinking that you're playing on a Chromebook when you aren't.

Install that extension to move forward. Then after it's installed either find it in the browser bar, or the extensions menu if you don't have the extension automatically pinned.


Open the options for the User-Agent Switcher extension

Once you have the extension installed, find the options menu.

If you have the extension installed in Chrome, then you're looking for the three-dot menu that sits next to the icon for the extension. If you have the extension pinned, then simply right click the extension icon.

For Edge users, the extension should pin automatically and you can find the extension options menu by right clicking it as well. Click on that and then what you're going to need to do is create a new user-agent string.


Create a new user-agent string

GeForce NOW Chrome PC 1

Remember you're creating a new user-agent string to trick the browser into thinking you're playing GeForce NOW on a Chromebook, rather than in Chrome or Edge for Windows.

Once you open the options menu for this extension it will default to the tab where you add new user-agent strings. Start by creating a name, which can be whatever you like. I chose GeForce NOW for Chrome on PC, because that's exactly what we're doing here.


The only other things you want to alter are the actual user-agent string (copy and paste Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS aarch64 13099.85.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.110 Safari/537.36 into the entry box), and the indicator flag, which can also be whatever you want.

Again I simply used something referencing GeForce NOW on Chrome and just put in GFN. After that just click the add button and you're almost done.

Add the new user-agent string to the permanent spoof list

This is the last step and then you can get right to playing all the games you want. All without installing the Windows app for GeForce NOW.


Navigate to the permanent spoof list tab, then add the new user-agent string to the list. To do this enter into the domain box. Then you need to switch from the default user-agent string to the new one you created, the click the add button.

From here you can go to the website and play games after logging in. You only have to add this string to the spoof list once.

Log in and play games via GeForce NOW through Chrome or Edge on PC

GeForce NOW Chrome PC


You've done it. Your setup to play GeForce NOW games through your browser on PC is complete. So enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Simply go to anytime you want to play games via GeForce NOW and click to play a game and then login with the appropriate account info as you would through the app.

The whole thing from start to finish in getting this ready to go should take you no more than five to ten minutes. And for all that you save yourself from having to install another app just to play games. When this is really an easier method.

Though, it is worth keeping in mind that this may not provide the same experience to the app. And that may vary from person to person. In any case, enjoy having your games through your browser no matter what kind of laptop or desktop you use.