Here's How To Install Google Phone Beta App On Any Phone


Google has now made the Google Phone beta app available to install on almost any Android smartphone. Notably, the app is now available via the Google Play Store.

Google Phone is the default dialer on all the Pixel smartphones. It has all the features like call screen, Google Duo video calling, spam protection, caller ID, and much more.

It is the simplicity yet powerfulness of the Google Phone app that makes it a good replacement for the default dialer. But as of now, there was no way to install the Phone app on any Android phone except the supported Pixel devices.


However, that changes now, because, Google Phone app is now available to almost all the Android devices. Yes, you can install the Phone app on Samsung, OnePlus, or any other branded smartphone.

Chromebooks, tablets, and Wear OS-powered watches, does not support the Phone app

As per Android Police, one thing to note is that the Phone app is available for non-Pixel phones in the beta version. Moreover, except Chromebooks, tablets and Wear OS-powered smartwatches, all other devices are supported.

Since the app is available as a beta version, you will be missing out on a few features like Call Screen. There are some other features that will not work. A typical disadvantage of using a beta version of the app.


Apparently, the Phone app might not be available to download via the easy route. So, we would advise you to search the Google Phone app on search. Or you can also try out to search the app on Google Play Store.

Here's how you can install the Google Phone beta app

Firstly, you need to enroll in the Google Phone app beta program. You will be asked to log in using the Google account on your phone. Then you have to tap the 'Become a Tester' button.

If there is a place available, then you will be confirmed to be a beta tester. Then you can go ahead and install the Google Phone beta app on your phone. There are instances where becoming a beta tester will take some time. So, wait for that to happen.


Besides, there can be some limitations on using this app like this beta app might only be available for a certain market. You will be able to set the Google Phone app as your default dialer with some caveats as mentioned above (missing Call Screen).

However, we expect Google to push some Pixel-exclusive features to the universal phone app to make the user experience more pleasing.