How To Disable Facebook Bloatware On The OnePlus 8 & Nord

AH OnePlus Facebook bloatware

You’ve probably heard by now that some Facebook apps come pre-installed on the OnePlus 8 series and Nord. Well, in this article, we’ll show you how to disable those Facebook apps aka bloatware, and keep your OnePlus 8 / Nord Facebook-free.

You can disable Facebook apps on the OnePlus 8 & Nord easily, but you’ll need ADB in order to remove them

Do note that we’ll only show you how to disable those apps here, as you can’t really remove them that easily. You can disable these apps by using your phone only, without a problem, removing them requires some extra steps, as you’ll need ADB in order to do it.

In any case, the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord come with three Facebook apps pre-installed. Those apps are ‘Facebook App Installer’, ‘Facebook Services’, and ‘Facebook App Manager’.


All three of those apps are system apps, by the way, that is why you can’t remove them that easily. It is quite surprising to see that OnePlus agreed to something like that, Facebook must have forked over quite a bit of cash, but I digress.

All three of these apps should not affect your phone’s performance that much, if at all, but disabling them just in case may be the best idea. The first thing you need to do is enter your phone’s settings.

From there, navigate to ‘Apps & notifications’. Hit the ‘See all [NUMBER OF APPS] apps’ option. On that list, track down those three apps that we’ve mentioned earlier.

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For each of those apps, you’ll need to hit the ‘Disable’ option. Unfortunately, there is no ‘Uninstall’ option, as mentioned earlier, but disabling them will do the trick.

These apps are tiny, so you don’t have to worry about storage space at all

These apps are quite small, so the extra space they take up on your phone won’t bother you that much, and by disabling them you won’t really have to worry about them doing anything in the background either.

Do note that OnePlus mentioned these apps may allow for Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps to be more power-efficient if you don’t disable them. So, if you use either of those apps, you may want to reconsider disabling these apps.


On the flip side, those Facebook apps will work just fine even if you disable these three applications that come pre-installed. I’ve tried it myself, and didn’t really notice the difference, at all.

If you want to completely remove these apps from your phone, you’ll need to use ADB. The procedure is quite simple, to be quite honest, but you’ll need ADB, and you’ll also need to hook up your phone to your PC, of course. XDA Developers did a really nice guide on how to do this, if you’re interested.