Use The Homework Mode On Google Lens To Solve Math Problems


Google has introduced a new Homework Mode in Google Lens, to help parents teaching their children or students to solve math problems. Matter of fact, Google is also adding a new Education Mode in Google Lens to help students at home.

This new education mode lets students get help for subjects like chemistry, maths, and more. Notably, the Read Along mode is also there, which helps the student to earn rewards for completing reading lessons.

In the set of tools for Education Mode, Google Lens now brings the Homework Mode. Whenever a student is stuck with a math problem or an equation, he/she can take the help of Google Lens.


Simply snap a photo of the math problem or equation using Google Lens

As mentioned in the official blog, students or learners have to follow simple steps to use this new mode on Google Lens to solve the math problem.

Simply take a photo of the math problem or equation with Google Lens. Then the Google-owned service Socratic will provide solutions and relevant results that will help you solve the problem.

For those who do not know, Socratic is Google's service that helps students with Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more subjects.


With the powerful Google AI, Socratic and Google Lens in some instances will also give you a step-by-step solution to solve the math problem.

Notably, the steps will also include a detailed explanation for understanding concepts along with solving the equation.

This tool can really come in handy for students who are studying at home with nobody's help. Well, most of the students across the globe, are in a similar situation because of COVID-19. This tool on Google Lens is to make learning easier.


The new features are rolling out via a software update

Apparently, the Education Mode and Places Mode feature on Google Lens is rolling out via a software update. So, the new modes might take some time before they arrive on all the smartphones.

However, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your phone, along with the updated Socratic and Google Lens app. You can head to Google Play Store to download the updates.

Students can also now conveniently learn chemistry and virtually visualize around 100 STEM concepts across several topics. These topics include subjects like biology, chemistry, and more.


For instance, searching for the 'Quantum mechanical model' will show up a 3D Augmented Reality model, with which students can interact in their own space.

Coronavirus has really changed the way we live our life. And one aspect of it, i.e. education, will also see changes in the coming days. Keeping that in mind, Google Tools are developed to making the situation a bit easier.

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