The LG Wing Looks Like A Phone For Users Who Like Crazy Concepts

LG Wing Rotating Display

LG has reportedly been working on a crazy new concept for a device design called the LG Wing.

In the video below (via Android Authority), the phone can be seen being used briefly by a driver who has it set up in a car dash mount. As for what the LG Wing is, it seems to be LG's next phone with a second screen.

Unlike the LG Velvet which flips open with the help of an entirely separate second display, this device's second screen is attached to the phone. It flips out to the side in what's described as a swivel-like motion. Basically it's a rotating display. Which opens up possibilities for plenty of ingenious uses that you couldn't get from a regular slab-style smartphone with a single display.


The LG Wing can support multiple screen configurations

According to the report from Android Authority, the device supports multiple screen configurations. In the video the second display is flipped out to the side.

Meanwhile the main screen is being used in portrait mode. It's also said to be usable in a T formation. Which would basically be the main screen in landscape mode with the flipped out secondary screen is usable on the bottom. Essentially just take the whole phone and flip it towards the right. Making a T shape.

It's possible this may not be a production-ready model of the phon. Still, the possibilities of use could be vast and varied should it ever launch. The user in the video has the main screen displaying navigation, while the secondary display shows the streaming music interface.

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A few more seconds into the video a phone call comes in and replaces the music interface. All while the navigation stays in view on the main display.

Myriad uses for an app-packed smartphone

A phone like this would definitely be presented to a niche market. It's sure to be cool for tech enthusiasts, but it would likely not be accepted by the mainstream consumer.

That doesn't take away from all the stuff you could do with it. The video is merely one example of how it could be beneficial to have a phone like this. But think about all the times you use your phone for one thing and then have to stop briefly to do something else.


Imagine you're watching a movie on Netflix and then start getting messages from a friend. You don't want to stop watching your movie, but you also want to have this conversation. The LG Wing could easily solve this issue.

Simply flip the screen out and position the phone in the T shape. Netflix could play on the main display, while messages could be interacted with on the secondary display. It's a weird concept to be sure. But if foldables are proof of anything, it's that a phone like this would definitely find a market in some users. Even if it was small.