Android Automotive To Get Massive Boost From Groupe PSA Vehicles

Groupe PSA for Android Automotive Announcement from Groupe PSA

Groupe PSA will be utilizing Android Automotive for infotainment starting within the next few years. That’s based on a recently-reported statement from the company, detailing the transition.

The launch of the integration will be “from 2023,” the automotive group indicates. And there will be new vehicle-specific services made available through Android Automotive too.

The decision to collaborate with Google on infotainment comes as the result of several key factors. But the group indicates that the primary reason is that Android Automotive will deliver improved ‘agility’ and ‘efficiency’ over existing systems. It will also enable users to access a personalized interface and in-car experience.


What exactly is Android Automotive?

Now, Android Automotive should not be confused with Android Auto. The latter is a service included with some vehicles to allow better integration between a vehicle’s entertainment system and drivers’ smartphones.

More directly, it allows access to specially-designed Google apps and services as well as others from the Google Play Store. Of course, that also includes Google Assistant for hands-free actions. And apps like YouTube Music and Google Maps are a big part of the package. But Android Automotive takes things much further.

Rather than being a standalone radio system that can be installed on any vehicle, it’s fully integrated. And it’s a full-blown Android-based ecosystem. The primary purpose is to ensure a more controlled environment for apps that adhere to distraction-free guidance, among other restrictions.


In addition to its arrival on Groupe PSA offerings, Android Automotive is already available in some vehicles from Volvo. Most recently, the company announced it would be coming to its Polestar subsidiary via the Polestar 2. Groupe PSA’s offerings will likely include a similar assortment of app experiences.

So which Groupe PSA vehicles will be getting Android Automotive?

Groupe PSA does have something of an advantage here though when it comes to Android Automotive. And that’s because it isn’t limiting its 2023 release to just one or two vehicles under a specific brand. The automotive group, while less well-known as an entity, is responsible for no fewer than seven relatively well-known brands.

That includes the likes of Citroën, Peugeot, Opel, DS, Vauxhall, Chrysler Europe, and GM Europe.


So this deal will see Android Automotive delivered to a much wider audience.