Google's Fuchsia OS Is One Step Closer To Arrival

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Google’s Fuchsia OS seems to be yet another step closer to arrival. The final announcement may still be ways off, but one part of Fuchsia OS just got certified.

This certification does signalize that things are moving in the right direction. The ‘Google Sapphire 1.0 Bluetooth Core Host Solution’ got certified by the Bluetooth SIG.

‘Sapphire’ is the codename for Fuchsia’s Bluetooth stack, well, an internal codename. Even Sapphire’s description on Bluetooth SIG mentions Fuchsia specifically.


This listing, unfortunately, does not share that much information. Other than the name, and the fact we’re looking at Bluetooth 5.0, nothing else is new here.

Google’s Fuchsia OS is a step closer to launch, or so it seems

Why did Google get this certified now, though? Well, it could signalize that other parts of Fuchsia OS are also going to get certified soon. In other words, Fuchsia OS may be moving closer to launch.

That may also not be the case, though. Google may just be testing something, and certifying things along the way. It would be nice of the company to offer an update on how things are going.


For those of you who are out of the loop, Fuchsia OS is Google’s new OS. This OS has been in development for quite some time, from scratch. Fuchsia OS is quite a bit different from Android and Chrome OS. It’s not based on Linux, like those two OS’.

This OS could, potentially, run devices of all kinds. Google did talk briefly about Fuchsia OS in the past, but we did not get a lot of information since then, barely any.

The last time Google mentioned Fuchsia OS was at Google I/O last year. Those mentions were not all that significant, nor did Google go in-depth when it comes to its development.


There’s a lot of speculation out there when it comes to this OS

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding Fuchsia OS at this point in time. That OS is rumored to arrive as a replacement for Android. Such assumptions may be rushed, and misguided, though.

Replacing Android OS with a brand new operating system would be an immensely difficult task. Mainly because of the Google Play Store, and tons of apps made for Android. But there are a ton of other obstacles as well.

Fuchsia OS is just a project in development for now, and we don’t even know what will its purpose be in the end. Google may be aiming for something completely different with this OS, we’ll have to wait and see.