Google Says 'Mask All The Things', Updates Weather Frog To Match

Google Weather Frog Mask 01 DG AH 2020

The Google app has a new way to remind users to wear a mask, this time in the weather segment with some help from a frog. That’s according to recent reports, following the change being spotted by Redditors.

Now, anybody who has searched up the weather in the Google app has probably seen the adorable amphibious mascot. The green-skinned animal is often found going about weather-specific activities throughout the day. And the activities aren’t just weather based. They change based on the time of day too.

For example, he can sometimes be found on sunny days rowing a boat down a stream. Or at the beach. Sometimes, he’s busy folding laundry. But, in every case, he’s now going to be shown wearing a colorful mask.


Why is the Google weather frog wearing a mask?

At this point, the appearance of a mask or themes about masks in Google apps shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has made an astounding effort to incorporate the face coverings. At least since the start of the ongoing global pandemic.

That includes endeavors to remind users when they use Google Maps and in Search. It also includes helping the US government build out its dedicated landing and help pages for the disease. And it’s worked to make contact-tracing a reality, at least within the confines of states that are participating in that.

More recently, it’s begun incorporating the message into everything from Google Assistant to the Weather, as seen in the latest server-side upate. In the former case, that includes two new songs. One for washing hands and another for wearing a mask.


So the appearance of a mask on the face of its weather frog in the Google app is all but expected at this point. Although it isn’t showing up for everybody right now. There are even a plethora of mask styles it’ll wear, apparently depending on the activity it’s taking part in. Masks are being recommended effectively universally as a way to reduce the chances of spreading Covid-19. And every little bit helps improve that.

This is server-side, so you might have to wait

As noted above, this change isn’t appearing for every user just yet. This is a server-side change so it will be a slow roll-out. Although updating the Google app to the latest version certainly can’t hurt.