Google Testing Charts Feature In Explore Tab For YouTube Music

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Google is testing another Google Play Music feature, i.e. Charts feature in Explore Tab for the YouTube Music app. Notably, this feature replaces the useless ‘Hotlist’ tab on YouTube Music.

Well, for those who are living under a rock, Google has already decided to shut down the Google Play Music services. And YouTube Music is the service to go forward with.

The process of the shutdown will begin in October this year. In fact, the Mountain View giants have been porting a lot of essential features from the Play Music to the YouTube Music to make the former’s users feel home.


Moreover, they have also provided a tool that helps them to transfer all their Google Play Music data over to YouTube Music. Besides, users have until December 2020 to transfer all of their data to YouTube Music.

Then a couple of weeks earlier, Google also collected user feedback via a user survey from already transitioned YouTube Music users.

Apparently, because of this transition, the gifted Google Play Music subscription will now be converted over to Play Store credit. So, that users do not lose out on their subscription after the Play Music service is shut down.

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And now, as per the report by Android Police, Google is testing the Charts feature in the Explore tab for YouTube Music. Notably, this feature was already there in Play Music.

The Charts in the Explore tab has a revamped design

Though this might seem a new addition for new users of YouTube Music, this feature was already there in the app. However, it was buried under the Home tab.

Under the Home tab, you had to scroll down to access Charts. Now, the new Explore tab puts Charts in the front. It is placed right between shortcuts to new releases and moods & genres.


Noticeably, the web app now features a dark grey background for shortcuts, to match the other buttons. While on Android, these shortcuts now have their own icons.

The Charts show the top 50 songs artists, per genre, and music videos. However, the top albums are nowhere to be seen yet.

If you also wish to experience this new Charts feature on the Explore tab of YouTube Music, you might have to wait. This feature seems to be available only for a limited number of people.


Besides, even updated to the latest Android or Web app does not show the new changes. So, it might be server-side testing, which will definitely make its way to the masses via a future update.