Google Sending Out A Survey To Already Transitioned YouTube Music Users

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According to a new report by 9to5Google, YouTube music users, who have already made their transition from Google Play Music, are getting a lengthy user survey.

For the unaware, in one of our reports, we have highlighted that Google has already confirmed that the Google Play Music access will shut down. This will start in October this year.

Besides, in place of Google Play Music, users will use YouTube Music. Matter of fact, they have also provided a method via which users can transfer their Google Play Music data over to YouTube Music.


Those who are still using Google Play Music have until December 2020 to transfer all of their data before it is removed. This move is a bit controversial for some.

The user survey is catered to users who have already migrated to YouTube Music

This user survey basically caters to the users who have already transitioned their data over to YouTube Music from Google Play Music. Take this as a way of thanking the already transitioned users.

The “Google Play Music is going away soon” email gives you a reminder that the Play Music will be shutting down by the end of this year. It provides the users with the procedures and methods using which they can transfer their data at any time.


Google survey provides links to Google Takeout that will help the users to transfer all of their purchases and uploads. Moreover, it also provides instruction for Play Music Settings to delete the data.

Besides, the mail also gives a 30-day timeline for the Music Manager and Google Play Music Store, after which these two services will be removed. The links for this depreciation are mentioned right at the end of the mail, as noted by 9to5Google.

 The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete

The survey as you would have guessed by now is pretty long and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. They have all the questions based to know your usage patterns.


It first asks you which podcasts or streaming services you use. Once you are done, then you will be redirected to the actual questionnaire.

The actual survey will then ask you questions regarding the new services, i.e. the YouTube Music and your experience on the transition from Google Play Music.

YouTube Music survey will have questions on whether or not you should use the cloud locker. Then there will be some questions related to Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Users can either agree or disagree as a response to those questions.


The survey also asks the users from where did they hear about this Google transition. It has options like websites, social media, official sources, etc. All in all, it is a way of knowing the impact of the transition by Google.