Google Search Makes It Easier To Find Live Sports & TV Shows

Google search live tv shows

Google is making it easier for users to find live TV shows and sports through Search. Thanks to a newly added feature, Google Search will now tell you which channel a game is on. If you search for something like, “where to watch the Lakers game” or “how to watch the A’s game,” Google Search will display all the options where the game may be available live.

You can also find live TV options with simpler search terms such as the individual team name. For example, if you search for “Dodgers game,” Google Search will display all the usual game-day features like live scores, top stories, and standings. In addition, a new “Live on” button will show which TV channel the game is on in your area.

This new “live TV” feature is currently limited to MLB and NBA games in the US. Additionally, not all cable and network channels may feature in search results yet. Google says it’ll expand the feature to more digital streaming options and add support for more sports leagues in the future.


Google Search enhances live TV shows and movie recommendations feature

In addition to making it easier to find what channel a live game is on, Google Search is also enhancing its TV shows and movie recommendations feature. Starting this week, the app will add carousels of live content from cable and broadcast providers into your search results.

When you search for something like “what to watch” or “good shows to watch” on your phone, an “On TV now” carousel will list shows that are currently airing on certain channels. You will also see shows that are available on various streaming platforms. Additionally, an “On TV later” carousel will show you recommendations for future programming.

Google has been regularly adding new features to Search. Most recently, it added a feature that helps users decide on a travel destination during the ongoing global health crisis. If you search for a hotel in a city, Google Search will show the COVID-19 travel advisory for that region along with coronavirus trends there.


Now, with a couple more new features, Google is further expanding the productivity of the Search app. Note that both the newly added features are exclusive to users in the US as of now. It’s unclear if availability will expand to other regions anytime soon. Additionally, the new features currently work only on mobile devices. There’s no indication of their availability on the desktop yet.

Google search live tv