You Can Now See Chemistry-Related 3D Models With Google Search

google search 3d chemistry molecules

Google Search now lets you see chemistry-related 3D models of molecules. Not only simple molecules but you can also see advanced subjects including the quantum mechanical model of the atom.

Last year Google added the ability to see 3D models of the animals, including tiger, panda, alligator, great white shark, octopus, etc. in Google Search.

Now as per 9to5Google, Google is expanding this 3D and Augmented Reality feature on Google Search to view chemistry-related 3D models. Note that viewing these 3D models is limited to supported phones.


The COVID-19 pandemic situation has already packed everyone at home. So, these 3D and Augmented Reality animals, human anatomical systems, cellular structures, chemistry terms, etc. have become a new source of entertainment.

These 3D models can be used for in-depth educational purposes

These 3D models of an animal, human anatomy, and now these chemistry models can be used for educational purposes. Besides, this is a convenient way of making students understand the in-depth details of biology, chemistry, and other terms.

The newly introduced 3D models on chemistry-related Augmented include models of functional group, organic chemistry, methyl acetate, propanol, alkane, ionic bonding, and much more.


Not only chemistry molecules, but Google has also added some new 3D models for biological structures as well. These structures include the design of a monocot plant versus a dicot, design of solenoid, etc.

Other biological models include monocotyledon, dicotyledon, eukaryotic chromosome structure, monocyte, neutrophil, basophil, etc. These models are super useful for study purposes. Moreover, they will come handy for practical education.

Here’s how to find and interact with 3D models with Google Search

Well, the first thing that you need to make sure is to have an Android phone running Android 7 or up. Besides, your Android device should support ARCore. To see a complete list of ARCore supported devices, you can head here.


Then simply head to the Google Search app and search for an animal, chemistry molecule, or place. If a 3D model of that item is available, you will see a 3D button. Tap on it to view the object in 3D using Augmented Reality.

Furthermore, you can interact with the object of interest by tapping on the ‘View in your space’ option. This will show the object right in your living room or wherever you are.

One important thing to note is that this 3D model and Augmented Reality feature on Google Search is not available in some countries. You can head over here to watch the list of objects that you can interact in 3D.