Google Starts Testing Background Headers In Google Search

Google Logo 2018 AM AH 2 AH 2019

Google has begun testing incorporating background headers into some of its search queries. 9to5 reports some bold background headers have begun appearing for some users on some search queries.

Via SEO Roundtable images began to surface of this headers. Google has made a number of small changes to its search engine over recent weeks. With the return of live sport onto our screens it made it easier to find these sporting events. Before this, Google also began incorporating YouTube music into music-related searches as it does with other streaming services.

This looks to be more of a wide-ranging and important change to the service. Background headers that are specifically tied to the query itself could be an interesting route for the engine to take itself.


Google testing background headers for search queries

Google has begun this new feature for queries that involve the word ‘ideas’. This means that if you search, for example, ‘ideas for easter’ you will be presented with a background that links to that search.

As the screenshots above demonstrate this works for a number of different topics. When this happens it also makes the top portion of the Google Search much bigger. This section includes company logo, your profile image, and filter tabs, the idea being to fully show that background.

Bold change to emphasize Google Search queries

The idea behind this new feature is to really emphasize the thing that you are searching for. It is quite a bold change as Google usually shies away from detracting or distracting from its own logo. However, this is exactly what is happening here.

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Doodles is the only exception to that rule, therefore, making this quite a striking change. This means that with this design you barely see the Google branding at all. In addition, the height of this background makes you scroll more as it is quite an image-heavy screen.

The ten blue links below are also accompanied with featured images to further ram home that search query. These search backgrounds are now live on the mobile web in Chrome. However, they are not live on the Google app for Android or iOS.

This is currently in A/B testing and has not been widely rolled out. How long this takes to become a permanent change for all remains to be seen. It will also be interesting to see whether Google will widen this feature out to more search terms thus incorporating it more searches.