Google Pixel 5 Is Shaping Up To Be A Potential Disappointment


Gathering together rumors about the upcoming Google Pixel 5 reveals some details that could prove a disappointment, reports indicate. Not only is the camera hardware not expected to improve this time around. In fact, the device will actually be a step down from the Pixel 4, in many ways. That's if rumors are accurate.

Starting from the expectations about camera hardware, reports point to a decision from Google to stay static. More succinctly, the upcoming handset will reportedly include 12MP Sony IMX363 primary snapper as its predecessors. That's its predecessors all the way back to the Google Pixel 2, just to be clear.

The secondary sensor, embedded in the reportedly plastic backing on the device will be a wide-angle lens. That's as opposed to the telephoto lens included in the Pixel 4.


All of this should improve the price of the Google Pixel 5, at very least

Now, the primary objective of the changes, based on the number of changes and exactly what those changes are, is to lower the pricing. Smartphones are continuously getting more expensive and users are buying more budget-friendly handsets. Although not necessarily devices in the mid-range. So adjusting to meet those needs makes some sense.

But that won't necessarily stop the changes from being a disappointment for some users when the Google Pixel 5 drops. Even if it does bring down the price of the Pixel series.

For example, the search giant plans to bump battery capacity up to 4,000mAh from the 2,800mAh battery in the Google Pixel 4. But the Google Pixel 5 won't have a top-tier processor, if the rumors are accurate. It'll have a Snapdragon 765G, instead. 8GB of RAM will be an improvement, of course. But 128GB will reportedly be the standard instead of the usual offering of that an a 64GB option.


When will Pixel 5 launch?

Now, the Google Pixel 5 might not land exactly when expected due to ongoing global health concerns. But it's still expected to land at around the same time. Specifically, on October 14. That's still in the same timeframe as the Google Pixel 4 — on October 15 last year. Although that should be taken with a degree of skepticism, as should any and all leaks regarding the specifications.