Protect Your New Pixel 4a For Not Very Much Money With Otterbox


Otterbox has unveiled two protective case designs and two new screen protectors to safeguard the new Google Pixel 4a. The latest in Google's line-up is now official and priced at $349, so some protection is definitely warranted. Best of all, Otterbox's newest additions don't start out a whole lot more expensive than the official fabric cases. And they'll offer a whole lot more protection.

Otterbox also has two newly-designed screen protectors for the gadgets. The first is a part of its well-respected, smudge-resistant, shatter-resistant Alpha Glass line. That offers complete case compatibility, a limited lifetime guarantee for replacements, and reinforced edges. Otterbox sells those screen protectors at $39.95.

The second new screen protector design is a newer entry, dubbed the "Pixel 4a Amplify Glass Screen Protector" by Otterbox. The new material does cost a bit more at $49.95 but will also provide extra protection to offset that cost. Compared to Alpha Glass, which offers 2-times the scratch protection of Soda Glass, Amplify Glass offers 5-times the protection in internal tests.


Buying a bundle with a case and a screen protector, for a limited time, will knock 10-percent off the total cost.

Commuter Series Cases for Google Pixel 4a

The Otterbox Commuter Series for Pixel 4a follows a long line of predecessors under the branding. So it’s a two-piece combination of a hard outer shell and soft TPU over. That means it won’t scratch users’ Pixel 4a but still stands up to drops and other damage-causing circumstances. Of course, as with others in the series, there are also port covers to keep dust and other materials out.

Priced at $39.95 and available in either a standard Black or Pink and Rose coloration called Cupid's Way Pink, this case goes a bit further than is usual though. The same guarantees and warranties are offered here as in the protective screen protectors. But the Commuter Series for this particular device, at the very least, also offers "antimicrobial technology."


Otterbox is quick to point out that won't necessarily guarantee protection from any given bacteria. But it is embedded directly into the case to protect for "lasting everyday protection against common microbes."

The Otterbox Symmetry Series rounds things out

As with the Commuter Series, the new Otterbox Symmetry Series cases for Pixel 4a are delivered with a wealth of guarantees. In particular, against drops, bumps, and scratches. But Otterbox designed this as a single-layer case for a bit slimmer of a fit. That keeps the bulk down and Otterbox says the case will fit into even a tight pocket.

Otterbox sells Symmetry in a see-through, clear design so the beauty of whatever device its protecting isn't hidden.


Priced at a slightly higher $49.95, these cases will fit the Google Pixel 4a in either a clear or "Stardust Glitter" color configuration. The latter color is still clear but with a glittery glint sprinkled throughout.