Google Adds New Features To Docs, Sheets & Slides


Some new features are up for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android applications. On Wednesday, Google announced that it is updating its mobile office apps to make the user experience more convenient. Highlights of the new additions are link preview, new unified comment interface, smart compose, vertical navigation in Slides, and more.

All these above-noted features have already been available for the G Suite users on the web. And now, it has been ported over to Android apps as well. Moreover, this also streamlines the experience of G Suite apps on the web and office on Android.

Notably, Google pushed the much-awaited dark mode for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, last month. You can head here to know how you can enable/disable the dark mode feature on G Suite apps on Android.


New features are available in the latest version of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Talk about all the features, Smart Compose in Docs gives another convenient way of handling documents. Basically, it gives suggestions to the users what to type in next. This gives the users more confidence to write the correct words and also save time.

Moreover, it is a faster way to handle any document. However, keep in mind that it will be turned ON or OFF as per the settings on the web. Besides, it is only available for the G Suite users.

Vertical Navigation in Google Slides aims to view the presentation on a mobile device more conveniently without cutting off the content of the slide or rotating the phone. Apparently, it also avoids the need for viewing slides one by one, as you can now scroll through your slides, vertically. Fortunately, this feature is available for both G Suite customers and users with personal accounts.


Link Previews is a new feature introduced in Google Docs. Whenever a link is clicked in Doc, you will now be shown a dedicated card with information. Previously, when a link was clicked, it required to leave the app.

However, the new Link Preview feature will show info like thumbnails, titles, description of the link, etc. This feature is now available on iOS currently and soon will make its way to Android.

The unified comments interface now handles comments more dynamically. Instead of going over the individual comment, you can now go through all the comments from a single interface window. This feature is currently available on Android and soon is expected to arrive for iOS.