Google Pushes Nest Hub In Hotel Rooms As A Hospitality Solution

google nest hub hotel

Google is pushing Assistant as a hospitality solution by putting a Nest Hub in hotel rooms. The company wants to make the tiny voice-enabled device a smart room service while enabling a touch-free experience for guests, in line with health expert recommendations around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tailored for the hotel experience, Nest Hubs will allow guests to make basic service requests over voice commands. No need to pick up the hotel phone to call the front desk.

Guests can ask the Nest Hub to request the hotel for extra towels or schedule a wake-up call. They can also make queries like when the pool closes. Additionally, Google is touting the ability to check out directly from the Nest Hub. That certainly adds a layer of convenience for the guests.


On top of it, you can always make all those common web queries that the Google Assistant-powered Nest Hub can provide answers to. Those include weather information, restaurant recommendations, nearby places to visit, news updates, and more. Hotels don't need to build a custom solution for such common queries.

Guests can also start a survey mid-stay to tell about their experience and notify the management if something needs improvement. And if they liked the stay, they can opt to receive promotions and information about upcoming specials, again over simple voice commands.

A "personal hotel media hub" will further enhance your hotel stay allowing you to play your favorite music on "better speakers" of the Nest Hub by pairing your phone over Bluetooth. Hotels can also integrate the Nest Hub with other compatible smart devices in the room, including TVs, and lights. This will allow guests to control those devices over voice commands. Google's hospitality solution also benefits from Volara’s integrations hub.

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Google starts putting a Nest Hub in hotel rooms

Google has chosen the smaller Nest Hub for its Assistant-powered hospitality solution for obvious reasons. Besides being less expensive than the Nest Hub Max, this device lacks a camera sensor, something that is never welcomed into an intimate setting like a hotel room. It also features a physical switch to mute the mic, in case you wonder if the device is continuously listening to you.

The audio that Nest Hub records when you talk to it will not be stored either. Your activities will be deleted as soon as you leave and the device is restored for the next guest. And for your added peace of mind, you don't need to sign-in to any account for all these services. So your activities during the stay will not be linked up to your Google account.

Google's new hospitality solution is already being offered in a handful of locations. The service is available at "boutique hotels including Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort in Calistoga, CA Gale and Shelborne South Beach in Miami, and Gansevoort Meatpacking and Synergy Chelsea in New York City, Hotel Zena and Viceroy D.C, as well as Village Hotels in the UK."


This solution is the company's answer to Alexa for Hospitality, which debuted back in June 2018. Google promises to continue expanding availability to more locations in the future.