Google 'People Cards' Let You Build Your Public Search Profile


Google is now rolling out a new virtual visiting card feature called 'People Cards' for its Google Search. This new feature is rolling out via update and is currently live for the users in India.

With the help of this Google Search People Cards feature, influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone else who wants to create an online presence will be benefitted.

Notably, Google People Cards is a virtual visiting card which allows lesser-known people to showcase relevant information. Besides, individuals can make this tool to aid their online presence.


People can add their social media profiles, and other info like name, occupation, work, location, and profile image. This feature will allow individuals to gain online exposure and come in contact with relevant people.

This new People Cards update is live for the second largest internet market, India

India is the second-largest market in terms of internet consumption. Considering that, Google has decided to push this new feature on Google Search, first for the Indian users on mobile.

Notably, this new Google Search People Cards supports English language only. However, we expect more language support to come in the future.


Creating a virtual visiting card or People Cards in Google Search is simple. User has to login to their Google Account. Then search for their name or input "add me to Search" and tap the prompt that appears.

Then you can add your image, location, work, name, social media profile, websites, etc. and build a virtual visiting card. Users also have the option of adding a phone number or email address if they feel comfortable sharing them.

Number of mechanism and layers of protection and controls are in place to protect user info

In the blog post, Google also mentions that it has taken all the necessary measurements and has embedded different layers of protection and privacy controls in the People Cards feature.


So, users should not worry about the information they share. Moreover, the People Cards in Google Search only allows one card per Google account. Google has also incorporated undisclosed mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content.

Users can also submit feedback if they come across low-quality information or card, which might be created by an impersonator. People Cards can be deleted if the user does not use it.

For organizations and hiring personnel looking for a particular individual, this feature can come in handy. This will make it easier for them to find the right person and information.


Once they type in the individual's name, assuming that he/she has created a People Card, a module will be displayed with all the relevant information about the candidate.

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