Google Fiber Is Now Partnering With Philo TV

Google Fiber AH 2 AH 2019

Google Fiber has begun recommending Philo to its customers. Although Philo does not have as extensive a line up as other. However, as reported by 9To5Google it does only cost just $20 per month making it much more affordable compared to other offerings.

Philo offers 60 channels at a reasonable cost for users. This has risen steadily over the last few months but it is still a way off other streaming services. The platform also recently began offering Chromecast support at the end of July.

Google Fiber previously dropped its TV offering back in February. In lieu of this, it began offering alternative streaming services to its customers.


Philo added to recommended streaming services on Google Fiber

Google has released a statement regarding this addition to its recommended TV streaming services. It pointed out that the company is “continuing to work to make it easier to find the TV and video content you want with more streaming choices available for our internet customers”.

It then went onto welcome Philo as a new streaming partner. Philo joins YouTube TV and fuboTV as streaming partners for the Google Fiber service.

This partnership sees Google Fiber actively pushing as part of it becoming a recommended streaming service. Customers are still free to use whatever service they choose. As Google said, it is aiming to make it even easier to get the streaming options its customers want.


Philo appears to come on board as a more affordable option for Google Fiber users. When compared to the likes of YouTube TV and fuboTV Philo is a much more reasonable option for many.

YouTube TV, for example, offers a much wider range of channels than Philo. However, it does cost $64.99 per month. That makes it more than three times more expensive than Philo.

Therefore, in making this move Google Fiber is trying to appeal to a demographic of customers. Philo is one of the cheapest services available with only Sling coming close at $30 per month.


The only issues with Philo are that it has no local or sports channels available. This could well be deal-breaker for many. None of the Tuner Networks is available either. That means no TBS and TNT.

However, despite all these drawbacks the rest of the content is strong. Especially at such a low cost, it would be appealing to many. It will be interesting to see how this move pans out for Google from a commercial perspective.