Google Fi Customers Will Need To Contact Support For Extra Covid Relief

Google Fi DG AH 2020

Google Fi is set to bring an end to COVID-19 relief benefits at the beginning of next month, once again limiting Unlimited users to 22GB per month. Or 15GB per month for Flexible plan users. That’s based on recent reports following an announcement from the company. Summarily, all plans will return to their pre-COVID configurations.

That also means that users won’t be able to take advantage of a billing extension that was in place. That gave users up to 60 days from the missed bill to pay. Or longer, if they contacted customer support and qualified because of COVID-19.

Now, users who are still experiencing related “hardship” will need to get in touch with support directly. That can be found by accessing the Google Fi app and scrolling down to the Help section. For at least some number of those who do, it’s not immediately clear how that will help since Google hasn’t specified. But the relief will presumably ultimately be extended in one form or another.


This follows continued extensions started way back in March

Google’s decision to bring an end to the relief may be disappointing for some since the pandemic is still largely sweeping the US. But it’s hardly surprising. As an MVNO, Google Fi is a much smaller operation than other carriers and, by all accounts, it’s small even by MVNO standards.

So not only is Google forced to license all of the spectrum it owns. As a separate operation from its parent company, it doesn’t necessarily have the buying power to keep extending things indefinitely. It’s already extended the grace period at least once following its initial plan to offer 60-days back in March.

Here’s the COVID-19 relief-ending date you need to know about

As to the exact timing of the relief coming to an end, Google says that will be September 3. The search giant hasn’t clarified exactly what that will mean for users whose billing date falls before or after that date. But, based on how Google Fi handle’s billing that isn’t COVID relief related, there will likely be some pro-rating involved.


For those that do go over the re-instated limits, data rates will be slowed. Conversely, more full-speed data can always be purchased as usual at $10 per gig.