Google Makes It Much Easier To Edit Emergency Contacts On Pixel


Google is reportedly working to make it easier than ever for Pixel owners to find and edit their emergency contacts. The change, associated with the Pixel-only Personal Safety app and the Google Contacts app, is subtle. In fact, the most noteworthy visual difference is the addition of a red asterisk. That appears next to the circled 'i'-shaped icon in the Contacts application. It also appears just below the users' phone number.

In both cases, that UI is appearing after users click on a contact to get access to deeper information and editing.

But that's not the only change that's apparently been made here. Now, users can tap that red asterisk — or at least the one just below a contact's name. Doing so will navigate users out to the Personal Safety app. Namely, to the page where users are able to edit and see just who their emergency contacts are.


This emergency contacts change will make altering that setting easier

While the change itself is small, it will undoubtedly be significant. Currently relegated only to Pixel devices, the feature is all about safety. Specifically, it's tied to the emergency contact details that display on the lock screen. Those details are displayed so that paramedics or other authorities know who to contact, among other information, in an emergency. That's without having to unlock the screen.

But editing contacts has not been an intuitive or straightforward task. Uses have to open up the Emergency option under the power menu. That's the menu that shows with a long-press of the power key. Then they need to tap View emergency information before selecting Open Personal Safety.

That's still going to be the case after the update. At least for users who haven't already set emergency contact on their Google-made phone. Or for those who are starting with a new Pixel phone, since the data is only stored locally. But users who already have emergency information filled out will be able to get back to that editing menu much more quickly.


This is rolling out now

It's not immediately clear whether the update is arriving as a server-side change or an app update. So users on Pixel devices will want to make their way over to the Google Play Store to check for a manual update. That's if they're not seeing the change already.

Google Contacts Emergency asterisk from Android Police
Google's made some changes to the Emergency Contacts UI