Google Drive Expands Shortcuts To Reduce Unorganized Files

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Google has announced that it has expanded shortcuts for Drive users. The company revealed this in a blog post in which it claims the move will reduce unorganized files.

Google Drive first introduced shortcuts earlier this year to simplify file and folder structure. Earlier this year the company also launched smart compose in Google Docs as part of this feature’s wider roll out.

The company will be happy to be able to talk about some new updates. This is because recently, it was revealed that a major flaw in Google Drive may allow hackers to install malware onto your device.


Google Drive expands shortcuts for users

The initial idea behind shortcuts was to stop files existing in multiple locations thus simplifying organization. Shortcuts created pointers to files to make things easier for users.

When multiple users want to access the same file this is a useful feature as it allows them all to easily find the files they want. Clearly Google thinks this move has been a success because it is now expanding the functionally to this shortcuts feature.

It has done this through a few methods. Firstly, it has removed some specific actions which allow files to exist in multiple locations.


It has also offered more migration details for existing multiple-location files to shortcuts. This should give greater clarity to users.

Finally, it is improving file management to reduce ‘unorganized files’. The idea here is that files that have their last location removed are placed in the owner’s My Drive Folder.

Google Drive aims for greater file management

This move will impact admins and end-users of Google Drive. The idea behind it all is to introduce a consistent framework for file organization. In doing so the company hopes that this will create consistent behaviour surrounding file management. Thus making life simpler for users.


The specific changes Google have made including changing the Shift+Z shortcut. Before this shared the file to multiple locations, now it this will create a shortcut instead.

Previously, when using Drive on the web making someone else the owner of a file created it in another location. Now if the new owner can see the file’s location it will remain there. If they cannot it will be moved to to the My Drive folder of the new owner.

In terms of the migration of files that are in multiple locations, the process will begin in 2021. Users will be given a two-week-long notification before the process beings.


The migration will remove all but one location for files and replace these locations with shortcuts. This will largely be based on originally ownership but will also take into account signals about access to other users. The aim is to reduce the disruption as much as possible.

The roll out for the expanded scope of shortcuts looks set to happen over the next couple of months first Rapid Release then for Scheduled domains. As mentioned, migration will occur sometime in 2021 but no word on exactly when this will happen.

Overall, this looks to be a sensible rationalization from Google. The only snagging point could be its migration of multiple location files into shortcuts. However, if that goes smoothly then this will be an all-round good move.