Google Assistant Snapshot Just Got A Huge Update

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The Google Assistant just got a big update for its Snapshot feature.

This is a feature that Google introduced nearly two years ago. But today, it is rolling out a few new updates to it, to make Snapshot more helpful.

You can now see a summary of your most important tasks

With this round of updates, you’ll now be able to see a summary of your most important tasks. This is in addition to the essential information that you already rely on like your agenda, commute times and reminders.

You now will see a summary of other important tasks right at the top. This is for things like birthdays and holidays. The Snapshot will adjust based on the time of day and your interactions with the Google Assistant.


Additionally, Google is adding tailored recommendations based on your preferences for recipes, podcasts and even nearby restaurants that will deliver to you. This also includes some dinner inspiration, which you can get by tapping and checking out new recipes you can try.

“Hey Google, show me my day”

To see your snapshot, all you need to do is say “Hey Google, show me my day”.

Before this update, you would need to open Google Assistant and taping on the icon in the bottom left corner. Now, you can simply give the command to Google Assistant to see your Snapshot. Making things a whole lot simpler. Currently, this is only live for those that use English as their default language. But it will roll out to additional languages in the coming months.

Google is aiming to make Snapshot the best place to see everything you’ve got going on in one place, and having important tasks right around the corner.


Google Assistant will also send you a notification so that you don’t miss anything. So in addition to sending you notifications about flight and event updates, it will also show you other things that will help you stay on top of your day.

Google says that this is just the beginning for the Assistant. And it is promising to add even more ways for the Google Assistant to be there and help you, before you even need to ask for the help. That is what the Google Assistant really excels at. Knowing that you’re going to need help, before you even ask for it, and giving it to you. Which is why it’s the best assistant out there.