Google Assistant Snapshot Feed Now Suggests YouTube Music, News & More

google assistant schedule lights

Google is adding some more capabilities and functionalities to its Google Assistant Snapshot feed. The snapshot feed is now spotted with YouTube Music suggestions, news, sports, and other results.

Snapshot feed was introduced by Google back in March for the Google Assistant. And the company is going on enhancing the features of the app.

As per a report by 9to5Google, the audio suggestion card shows a playlist from YouTube Music, podcasts, news, and others. Moreover, it also shows a ‘do it again’ card for the commonly used assistant commands that you use.

Tapping on the ‘Do it again’ tab will launch the commonly used command without you having to say or type it.


Back in 2018, Google introduced the ‘visual snapshot‘ feature which showed all the information like your recent orders, weather, and other reminders set in your phone.

Over the years, Google has upped the features of the Google App. Besides, it has now got customization options and it can now show you even more suggestions via new cards.

It shows fresh YouTube Music suggestions along with the cover art of the playlist

The revamped Snapshot feed shows the weather at the top along with all the fresh YouTube Music suggestions. It even shows the default cover art of the playlist.

Google News is also placed beside YouTube Music suggestions. This will help you get on with your daily dose of the latest happenings around the world while starting their day.


Besides, there is a new sports card that shows info about all the upcoming sports events. Notably, it gives you an in-depth insight into the competition and stage details as well.

It also includes team names, logos, starting time, etc. This sports card when clicked will redirect you to the full web page from where this feed was sourced.

The Google Assistant Snapshot feed’s “start listening for a fresh morning” tab is completely revamped

One of the fresh changes as per the report is the revamp of “start listening for a fresh morning” card to “perk up with fresh audio picks.”

Under this new title, the feed now, instead of multiple podcast suggestions, has shortcuts to YouTube Music and News, which seems more usable for the user.


However, the important thing to note is that the Snapshot feed might not show you exactly what is discussed here. As it will show you stuff, based on learning of your habits.

So, you may not see all these cards and your Google Assistant Snapshot feed might be a bit different. Meanwhile, looking at how personalize Google Assistant has gotten with Snapshot, we expect more customized features to make its way to the app.