Have Google Assistant Homeschool Your Kids So You Don't Have To

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Google Assistant can now homeschool your kids so you don't have to. Thanks to a new set of features that are being pushed out to Google Assistant smart displays and speakers.

Jokes aside, your kids can't really get a full homeschool experience from Google Assistant alone. But it can help with new features related to homeschooling and learning.

Which is really just as good and is sure to be a useful tool now that people and their kids are spending more time at home. Tell your kids to get ready because class is in session with Google from this moment forward.


Google Assistant homeschool features include a class bell

Google Assistant Homeschool Features

This will come in handy particularly if you have trouble getting your kids up in the morning. Or if you just have trouble getting them to focus on starting the day's learning tasks.

Google Assistant smart displays and speakers can now play a class bell to simulate the sound of class beginning. Just as if they were in school physically. The feature is called "Family Bell" and can be activated from the Assistant settings menu.

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What's more is that the Family Bell alert can be customized. Allowing parents to create a more personable kickstart to the day if they choose to.

On top of that Google Assistant can even play familiar school sounds like kids opening and closing their lockers. This little audio clip can be played alongside school-themed visuals to add more to the familiarity that would be there with a normal school setting.

Right now this feature will roll out starting from today in English in the US, the UK, India, Canada, and Australia. With more potential markets and languages to come.


Get daily animal facts and ask for homework help

Kids love animals. That's no secret. And now Google can foster that appreciation for the animals of the world with daily animal facts.

On Google Assistant-enabled smart displays and speakers like the Nest Hub Max or Nest Mini, you can say "Hey Google, tell me about the animal of the day" and it'll respond with a fact about a particular animal.

Older kids can even get help with homework. Asking Google for help will lead to suggestions for things to learn about. From calculations to big historical events. Google can help with spelling too, if you're not exactly sure how to spell a certain word that you want to use in a report.