Newest OnePlus 8T Leak Arrives Via Software Update

OnePlus 8T Android 11 Dev Preview Leak ah db20 v2

A OnePlus 8T leak is hardly on the list of things you'd expect from your everday software update, but that's what the new OxygenOS 11 beta delivers. More specifically, the manufacturer's newest implementation of Android 11 Developer Preview 4 contains a low-res render of its next smartphone. You can see the said image in the gallery below, upscaled for your viewing convenience. And yes, it comes from the very same OxygenOS (HydrogenOS) release that just went live a couple of hours ago; the one targeting the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The About Phone section of the system Settings app features the said OnePlus 8T image following the jump to Android 11 Dev Preview 4.

You can tell this isn't the OnePlus 8 because the Alert Slider placement is too low. Likewise, it's not the OnePlus 8 Pro because it has a flat screen. As a reminder, this year's OnePlus 8 Pro used a curved-edged panel, being rather late to jump to that gimmicky excuse for a bandwagon. The leaked render shows something resembling the Glacial Green color which debuted on the OnePlus 8 this spring.

Yet another depiction of the OnePlus 8T is not the only noteworthy thing this latest Android 11 beta revealed. Most notably, the new release includes references to a 64-megapixel camera. Which is likely to be at the center of the upcoming smartphone, likely accompanied by at least two more lenses.


OnePlus 8T will continue the company's Android gaming focus

Furthermore, the momentum-driven smartphone maker is improving the accessibility of the Fnatic Mode. That would be how it calls its high-performance mode since paying for the privilege to do so. Well, starting with Android 11, Fnatic Mode will be much more readily available via a new Game Space overlay. The said window will offer a degree of customizability, as well as simple controls for screen recording, locking system buttons, and the like. A mobile data monitor is part of the package, as well, though it doesn't appear to be working in this beta version of OxygenOS.

A much cooler and potentially just as useful feature debuting with this update is a temperature monitor. The service will show your device temperature in real-time, in addition to monitoring battery levels. Sure, the hardcore mobile gaming may not yet be as numerous as the likes of Razer and ASUS anticipated. But OnePlus is certainly doing more than most to support it.

OnePlus's latest Android 11 implementation also hints at RCS support. Short for Rich Communications Services, this is a set of cellular standards meant to replace SMS and MMS messaging. Which it has been slow to do as no one's in a hurry to adopt a successor to something nobody uses outside of emergencies. In any case, expect the OnePlus 8T to launch by early October, perhaps even next month. The excrutiating month's worth of teasers leading up to a new OnePlus event will start any day now.

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