Gboard Beta Gets System-Matching Auto Switch For Light And Dark Theme

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In a recent development, Gboard is reportedly getting a new system-matching light and dark theme. Notably, this new feature is available for the Gboard beta users.

This Gboard system-matching theme will change to dark color if the user is using the system’s dark mode setting. While it will go back to its traditional white theme when the light mode is turned back on.

Apparently, this feature was first introduced a few weeks ago for the Gboard beta app. But it only showed for a limited number of users. However, now it seems like all the beta users can make use of this feature on Gboard.


Though Gboard has gone through a lot of changes and several new features have been added, the ability to match system-theme settings was missing.

This new system-matching light/dark theme is available on Gboard beta v9.7

As per 9to5Google, this new system-matching theme is available for the users on Gboard version 9.7. The feature is being rolled out as a “System Auto” theme to the users.

Besides, there are not many customization options available. Only users can select to enable or disable the key borders while using the System Auto theme.


Moreover, selecting any other theme apart from the System Auto theme will break this sync between system-wide dark/light settings.

This auto system theme switching feature first appeared in the Gboard 9.6.3 beta version of the app. Apparently, the Google Sans font which appeared in a recent teardown seems to be missing from this beta app.

Some new features have also been spotted in earlier Gboard beta versions

In a previous teardown of the Gboard app, it has been spotted with features like improved Google Assistant support, smart completion feature.


Besides, other features like smart replies, sticker recommendations, and GIF search recommendations, etc. were also under testing.

The newly added system-matching auto switch for light and dark theme feature is available for a limited number of users on the beta app.

So, not everyone can enjoy this feature as of now. You can try your luck by becoming a beta tester of the app though. This new feature will help you forget the need for switching over to a dark theme at night when your phone is on system-wide dark mode.


Since this new feature has been spotted in the beta version of the app, it might be unstable or glitchy. Which is something to keep in mind with anything that’s in a beta state.