The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition Comes With All This Stuff

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition

Samsung has whipped up a special package of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the Thom Browne Edition.

For the fashion enthusiast, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition is the ultimate technology fashion statement. Thanks to Samsung's collaboration with Thom Browne New York for the second time, its first being with the Galaxy Z Flip.

Also worth noting is that the bundle is perfect for anyone considering getting all of the items that the bundle offers. That being said it will come with a hefty price tag. Which is to be expected when you have a new technology device like a foldable smartphone paired with a high-end fashion brand.


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition has it all

If you want it all, consider this bundle. It comes with the phone itself but it also comes with extras.

Those extras include a pair of the Galaxy Buds Live true wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Watch 3, a case option for the phone, and a carrying bag to store it all in. Whether it be for travel or just for normal storage in your every day life.

In addition to all that, this entire bundle comes in pretty neat packaging. Making for a really cool unboxing experience that likely has to be experienced first-hand to get the full effect.


As noted though, this won't be cheap. It's actually quite expensive, so this won't be for everyone. Especially if all you really want is the phone. Unfortunately, there's no way to buy any of the Thom Browne Edition stuff separately. At least not directly from Samsung.

Need to have it? It'll go on sale September 25

If you're willing to put up the money to grab this limited edition tech, then you can do so on September 25 officially.

Though, since it's likely to be limited you may want to pre-order it instead, which you can do tomorrow, September 2. The entire bundle retails for $3,299. Which is a lot to be sure.


In fact getting all three devices, meaning the phone, the watch, and the earbuds, separately and outside of this bundle is less expensive than the bundle itself.

So if you don't care too much about the Thom Browne design, you'll spend less money if you grab the three devices by themselves in their normal versions. Though you do miss out on the cool bag, packaging, and special case.

You will be able to pre-order or purchase the device from Samsung's own website.