The Cool Software Is Why You Want The Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AH 23

There's more than a few reasons to want the Galaxy Z Fold 2 if you want a foldable device, but the software is one of the biggest reasons you should consider it.

Compared to the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has improved software features that take better advantage of its most unique feature. The folding.

With this new phone, users are getting software which Samsung has been continuously improving on since the launch of its first foldable. That isn't to say that there won't be more improvements to make down the road.


But since it's not Samsung's first generation foldable at this point, the software is definitely in a better spot and offers up some pretty cool features. For example, the Flex Mode.

Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the ultimate flex for software features

The secret to Samsung's success with this new device seems to reside in the Flex Mode feature.

What this does is tell the app you're using how open the phone is. So if it's closed, the app knows because the phone tells it, and all the visuals will show on the outside display. It can even tell if the phone is open all the way or open halfway.


This automatic detection should make using various apps a lot easier while taking advantage of the folding capabilities. Say you want to put the phone down during a video call but still engage in the video call easily.

Simply fold the phone a little so it's halfway open and essentially turn the phone into its own kickstand. The video call can then take place on the part of the display that's facing your directly. Of course this is just one example.

Drag and drop to your heart's content

Another cool feature is the ability to drag and drop stuff. This is something you don't usually see on smartphones.


While you can drag and drop apps from one screen to another, or from one folder to another, you can't generally drag and drop much else. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2 you can.

As Samsung baked in the possibility to drag and drop actual content from one app to another. Now it seems you can only use this while in multiwindow, but even still, with that available this device becomes a great work/multitasking tool.

Launch multiple apps at the same time

The benefits for multitasking keep coming. Because with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 you can launch multiple apps at the same time.


Specifically you can launch up to three apps simultaneously. You might not have use for a feature like this all the time, but it's likely to come in handy some of the time.

Think about writing an email or a message but then you need to find something you were going to share with that recipient. Now you can launch the browser and search for that stuff while keeping the other app open so you can easily drag and drop. All the while streaming music with the app open too.

Dex. But wireless. Because why not?

There's still more to love. Like the wireless Dex capabilities. Using Dex and pushing your phone content to a bigger screen, like a TV or PC monitor, has never been easier.


And it's all here on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Again, this is something which you might not use all the time. But it can't hurt to have if you need a larger screen for specific uses. Like typing stuff up using a Bluetooth keyboard connected to the phone.

Not to mention you can finally do away with those pesky cables and Dex docks. Less clutter, more freedom.