There's No Limits On The Galaxy Tab S7+ Refresh Rate


Unlike the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the S20 series, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is able to run at 120Hz at full resolution.

That means that even at the full resolution of 2800×1752, the Galaxy Tab S7+ will run at 120Hz. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can only run at 120Hz when its at FHD+ resolution.

So there are no limits on the refresh rate on the Galaxy Tab S7+, and that's something we love to see.


Why is it possible on Galaxy Tab S7+ but not Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?

It's very confusing as to why the Galaxy Tab S7+ is able to run at 120Hz at its highest resolution, but the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can't. Especially since both devices have basically the same specs. In fact, the Galaxy Tab S7+ has less RAM. At 6GB or 8GB versus the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra sporting 12GB.

There was an explanation a few months back, explaining that it was not possible due to the chipset not giving the display enough bandwidth.

Which seemed odd at the time, given the fact that OnePlus is able to do 120Hz at QHD+ but the Galaxy S20 series was not.


However, now it looks like it was not a Snapdragon issue, but likely an Exynos 990 issue.

Remember that Samsung's smartphones run on an Exynos chipset in other areas of the world. And they will sometimes nerf the features on the Snapdragon version, to provide feature parity with the Exynos variant. And that appears to be the case here. Since the Galaxy Tab S7+ only runs on the Snapdragon 865+ chipset.

If this is indeed the case – which we likely will never know for sure – it's yet another reason why Samsung should switch to Snapdragon entirely, and leave Exynos out.


It's great news for Galaxy Tab S7+ buyers, though

This is definitely great news for potential buyers of the Galaxy Tab S7+. As you'll be able to run that 12.4-inch display at its full resolution and refresh rate.

And let me just tell you, using the Galaxy Tab S7+ in its full resolution and at 120Hz, is amazing. Especially with that AMOLED display, it makes everything on the tablet look incredibly beautiful. From dealing with email, to watching movies and everything in between.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is going to be available later this fall, Samsung has not yet given us a concrete release date for the tablet just yet.