Galaxy Note 20 Buyers In South Korea Get These Cool AR Glasses


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 buyers in South Korea are in for a treat, as buying the device will result in them getting a neat pair of these AR glasses from Nreal along with the phone.

In the region, Nreal has partnered up with LG Uplus, one of South Korea's largest carriers, to bundle the Galaxy Note 20 with the AR glasses the company is calling the Nreal Light.

These are being positioned as the world's very first consumer-ready AR glasses to go on sale. Which sort of makes them a big deal. Though getting them requires you to live in South Korea as this bundle deal isn't happening on a global scale.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 buyers will need a 5G data plan to receive the Nreal AR glasses

In addition to buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, consumers will also need to subscribe to a qualifying 5G data plan from LG Uplus.

Worth noting is that the Nreal Light will not be a free add-on when purchasing the phone. Instead it will be available at a subsidized price as part of the bundled purchase. Consumers who wish to purchase the Nreal Light on their own without this special bundle will be able to do so as well.

If they're picked up along with the bundle though, they'll be less expensive. The Nreal Light are retailing for 699,000 KRW which is about $586. The subsidized price will bring that down to 349,000 KRW which is about $295.


For those planning an upgrade to a newer smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, buying them in the bundle is definitely the more cost efficient way to go.

The bundle will also extend to LG Velvet buyers so long as they pair it with the qualifying LG Uplus 5G data plan.

LG Uplus will carry the Nreal Light in its retail stores from August 21

Starting on August 21, LG Uplus retail locations across South Korea will carry the AR glasses.


The Nreal Light offer a 52-degree field of view. Which Nreal says is capable of simulating a screen the size of an IMAX panel. Imagine having your very own theater screen that you could carry with your just about anywhere. That's essentially what you'd be getting with these glasses.

As of right now the Nreal Light are only going to be available in a consumer-ready version in South Korea. However, they are still available in the US in a developer kit configuration. That being said the developer kit comes at a considerable price increase as it retails for $1,199.

If you live in South Korea, you can pre-order the consumer kit of the Nreal Light starting today through the LG Uplus website.