Future Huawei Smartphone Could Include A Small Rear Display

Huawei smartphone rear display patent 1

A future Huawei smartphone could include a small rear display, it seems. Huawei patented a smartphone design that shows off such a smartphone design.

This patent surfaced at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). The device, as you can see in the provided image, also includes four rear cameras.

Future Huawei smartphone could offer four rear-facing cameras, and small rear display next to them

Those four cameras are placed in the top-left corner of the phone’s back. Right above them, you’ll notice the tiny display. In this particular image, the display shows the time.


Based on the provided image, that display is meant to feature the always-on option, which is not surprising. We’re not sure if the display is meant to be interactive (touch-sensitive), or is it there for information only.

Chances are that it will be able to show icons for unread messages as well, the temperature, and similar information. Now, this is only the main version of the design Huawei patented.

Two additional variants surfaced at CNIPA. One of those variants places the display below the rear camera setup. The last one puts it in-between the phone’s cameras, and moves the whole camera and display setup to the middle. Those designs are shown in the gallery below.

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In every variant, this phone features a curved back, and a curved display. A display camera hole or a notch is not visible here, but we’re sure this is just a placeholder smartphone design.

This smartphone design may never become a reality, though

Now, just because this smartphone got patented by Huawei, doesn’t mean that the company will actually announce it. Smartphone manufacturers patent a lot of device designs that never get made.

This design is interesting, though. Such a small display on the back could actually have a purpose. You’d have to flip your phone around often in order to have use of it, but it sure would be interesting.


Smartphone designs have become quite stale, and something new like that could be refreshing. The same goes for foldable smartphones, of course, people are excited for them as they offer something completely new.

That’s not a fair comparison, of course, as it’s not the same thing, but still… this would be refreshing as well. The LG V series smartphones had similar displays, but on the front, as some of you may recall.

Huawei is also planning to release its second-gen foldable smartphone in the near future as well, the Mate X2. That device could arrive before the end of the year.