Fossil Begins Reissuing Its Big Update To Its Gen 5 Smartwatches

Fossil Hybrid HR

Fossil started sending out its big update to its Gen 5 smartwatches earlier this month. Only to discover a bug that broke Google Pay's functionality soon after, causing it to pause the update.

Today, Fossil is beginning to reissue that big update to its Gen 5 smartwatches. Meaning anyone who didn't get the update before, should start to see it on their watches in the coming days. Perhaps you'll be one of the lucky ones and get the update today.

Or maybe you've already gotten it and are now enjoying the fruits of Fossil's labor. Either way, the Google Pay bug has been fixed. Which is good news for anyone that likes using their watch for mobile payments.


About 30-percent of Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches got the update

Before Fossil paused the update earlier this month, about 30-percent of global users received it.

That means the update that's starting to go out to users today should be hitting anyone who already got the Fall update as well. Since it contains a fix for the Google Pay issue.

If you were one of those users, make sure to update the watch as soon as you're able. Unless you simply don't care about using Google Pay from it. In which case it likely wouldn't matter if the new update with the fix was installed at all.


All users should expect to see the update by August 31

Fossil is starting to send out the update today but it is a global update, so not all users will get it immediately.

All users should however expect to see the update roll on through by August 31. If that timing holds true, then it'll only be a handful of days before everyone's watch has the ability to update to the latest version of the software.

There's lots of useful stuff in the update worth having. Such as new sleep tracking features. Which should be a good neighbor to Google's recently rolled out bedtime mode.


There's also a new optimized activity tracker, the ability to use avatars for your contacts on the watch and more. Keep in mind that all Gen 5 smartwatches doesn't mean just those that are directly from Fossil. But all Gen 5 watches that were designed by the Fossil Group for other brands too.

This includes watches from Michael Kors, Diesel, PUMA, and more. If you're just too excited to get this new update on your own watch to wait, you can always check manually if it's available from the settings menu on the watch.