Flipboard TV Arrives On All Android & iOS Devices

flipboard tv available for android and iOS

Flipboard announced yesterday that it is bringing a full-featured Flipboard TV for all Android and iOS devices. Notably, the ad-supported version will make its debut for all devices.

Moreover, Flipboard TV was announced earlier this year for all the Samsung devices. Flipboard TV pools content from over 100 sources and includes short videos from partners.

Besides, it features categories from channels like Variety, Us Weekly, and Rolling Stone as publishers. While the business channels include Bloomberg Media, QuickTake by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch, etc.


For more information on Flipboard TV for Samsung devices, you can head here. Interestingly, Flipboard TV on Samsung devices does not feature ads. But it will feature ads for other Android and iOS devices.

In an official announcement, the ad-supported version of Flipboard TV will be available across devices in the US. Additionally, Flipboard has signed up with new publishers including Complex Networks, Vice Media Group, and Refinery29 to bring more fresh content from diverse fields.

There are some other publishers including Dow Jones, Gannett, Hearst Magazines, Complex Networks, Minute Media, A360 Media, etc. which you now can enjoy on Flipboard TV on Android or iOS device.


Flipboard TV offers three-month free service for Samsung Galaxy S20 series owners

Flipboard TV gives the Samsung Galaxy S20 owners an option to upgrade their three-month free service to exclusive access to premium content.

The Flipboard TV will be accessible via the new Explore tab on Android or iOS devices. It provides native support for playback as well as more video player controls to skip a video.

Besides, it will recommend better videos based on your related videos and much more. For those who love Flipboard TV, they can opt for the ad-free version for $3 per month while the free version includes ads.


Basically, roll ads will pop-up on all the videos in your queue. The partnership with Flipboard keeps ad-free experience exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices owners.

Native videos will be categorically placed under the new section called Content Guide. If you like a video, you can add it in your Magazine along with the text article of your liking.

Publishers and content creators can add content to Storyboards on Flipboard

Flipboard also adds flexibility for the publishers and independent creators to add content to Storyboards. The Storyboards is a feature that creates curated content for specific topics.


Apparently, when a user visits the profile page of any media company, they can see all the videos from that publisher under a dedicated ‘Video’ tab.

Local content from local newspapers and TV stations can be accessed from the ‘Local Section’. In fact, there is a ‘For You’ section that based on the algorithm of watch history provides curated content.