Here's An Easy Fix For The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Green Tint Issue

Galaxy Note20 Ultra With Logo

This post will be very useful for those who are experiencing green tint display issue on their Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphones.

Notably, yesterday we have highlighted in our report that the green tint issue, which surfaced earlier on the Galaxy S20 series, has surfaced on the Note 20 Ultra as well.

Besides, this issue seems to be widespread as multiple users have reported the same issue. When sliding the brightness to a lower setting, the greenish tint on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra display pops up.


Well, no one expected from Samsung to go on the same path which it had faced earlier. Moreover, users were pretty much excited to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

But now, after the report of the green tint display issue, many might have second thoughts of buying the device. That too until Samsung fixes this issue.

Notably, the Galaxy S20 series display issue was speculated to be occurring due to faulty Super AMOLED drivers. And by the looks of it, it seems like the same has hit the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as well.

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The pandemic has gotten down to the throat of many major industries, even major economies of the world are not spared. Apparently, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra seems to have fallen prey to the negativity of the current situation.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra green tint issue is expected to be fixed via a software update

The Galaxy S20 series green tint issue was resolved by Samsung via a software update. And users of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are also hopeful that this is not a major hardware issue. And it can be fixed via an update.

However, Samsung is yet to acknowledge this issue and release a statement regarding this matter. Good thing is that we have a potential workaround to fix this.


The point to note is that this is not a permanent fix for this issue. And we expect Samsung to address this display issue as soon as possible.

Now coming to the most important part, how you can fix this display issue on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Thanks to our friend Justin Diaz, you can avoid the issue on your Note 20 Ultra until a permanent fix arrives.

All you need to do is head over to Settings>>Display>>Screen Mode>>Select Vivid>>Advanced Settings. Once you are in the Advanced Settings option, drop the Green Balance all the way down.


We would like to mention this once again, that this is not a complete fix for the issue. Nor it is an official remedy. It is more of a workaround for the time being. Let us know in the comments below if this fix helped you out with the green tint issue on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.