The ECG App For The Fitbit Sense Won't Be Ready At Launch

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Earlier this week Fitbit officially unveiled the Sense, its first wearable device that would support ECG features.

The Fitbit Sense is already available for pre-order on Amazon and the Fitbit website, and will be launching in the Fall, but the ECG app won't be one of the features you can use at launch.

That's according to Wareable, who spoke with Fitbit's Larry Yang. The reason is because it's in the final stages of review with the FDA.


The Fitbit Sense will have ECG features before the holidays

ECG may not be functional right at launch, but it won't be a long wait for users to start testing it out.

The good news is that the ECG app will be available and functional on the smartwatch before the holidays. So those looking to grab these for loved ones as gifts can do so knowing that one of the biggest features will be usable once the gift is received.

What's more, is that the ECG feature will clear the FDA on "this side of the holidays." Which means it's going to be available sooner rather than later. And closer to the launch than the holiday season.


Once it clears, it'll be available for the smartwatch in both the US and the EU. Which are probably two of Fitbit's biggest markets.

A quick turnaround for one of the biggest fitness brands

It might seem a little bit surprising that Fitbit is having such a quick turnaround for the FDA clearance. Especially when you consider how long it took Fitbit to get approval from the FDA for its blood oxygen saturation feature.

But Fitbit is one of the largest fitness brands for wearables. So perhaps that plays somewhat into the faster pace this time.


Other brands which boasted offerings of ECG features are in similar states. Samsung offers ECG on the Galaxy Watch 3 and the feature has gotten approval from the FDA. The feature however is still not live.

Withings also offers ECG features on its Move ECG released last year. But FDA approval still hasn't been granted. More than Fitbit being a massive fitness brand, this showcases how wildly challenging (and perhaps a bit inconsistent) it can be for things like this to clear the FDA.

The important thing for consumers looking at the Fitbit Sense is that the feature should be live soon after the official launch. And if this is a feature you're wanting, this may be the smartwatch you want to buy if you're in the market for one.