Raze Hell In The First DOOM Eternal Expansion This October

DOOM Eternal First Expansion

Yesterday during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, Bethesda unveiled a trailer for the upcoming expansion for DOOM Eternal.

This will be the first single-player expansion for DOOM Eternal and it will be a two-part expansion. With the first being made available this Fall. DOOM Eternal is available across multiple platforms, including Stadia.

And as one would have it, the Stadia version of the game is going to launch day and date with the other versions. Meaning there will be no wait time to play if Stadia was your chosen platform for what is considered one hell of a game.


DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part One expansion launches in October

Bethesda has confirmed that DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part One will launch in October.

Specifically it'll launch on October 20. Google's Stadia channel also released the official trailer for this expansion on YouTube. Noting that October 20 is when Stadia players will have access.

In addition to Stadia, DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part One will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


In this expansion, you'll reprise your role as the DOOM Slayer. You'll rip and tear your way through new and unseen parts of hell and the DOOM universe. Moreover, players will learn new information about the DOOM slayer as the expansion will uncover new truths about his story and his past.

This will further build on the narrative parts of the franchise that DOOM Eternal introduced when it launched back in March of this year.

You can get the expansion for free

There are two ways to do this. If you picked up DOOM Eternal in the deluxe edition, then you'll get the Part One expansion at no additional charge.


You also get it for free if you purchased the year one season pass (this is why the Deluxe Edition includes the expansion, because it comes with the season pass). Stadia isn't specifically mentioned here, but it's pretty likely that it's included in this.

If you didn't pick up either of those when you bought the game, then you'll need to pony up for the expansion. In the UK the expansion will cost £16. So the price will probably be around $16 in the US.

Though, if you're going to buy the first expansion, it would be a better value to buy the season pass, and get both expansions for free. As the season pass will no doubt include The Ancient Gods Part Two when it releases.