Firefox Daylight 79 Breaks Cover In Europe & US For Android

Firefox Updated browser DG AH 2020

Mozilla has finally gotten around to launching its new “Daylight”-branded Firefox update, version 79, in Europe and the US. The changes in this update have already been detailed at length prior to reports about the latest announcement. Launched in the SA, UA, NZ, BG, NO, and PH regions as early as late July, the changes can easily be summarized as comprehensive.

That’s because Mozilla isn’t just slapping a fresh coat of paint on. Or tweaking a few bits of code under the hood. This update changes effectively everything, down to the core of the browser.

What’s new in Firefox 79  Daylight?

The big user-facing changes here will be identical to those found in the earlier, regional launch of Firefox Daylight. Mozilla posted up a new video, covering those alongside its announcement. But, as laid out by the changelog, that will include a new way to perform voice searches directly from the address bar. And it will also include a new icon in the address bar when Reader mode is available for the current page.


Next to that piece of the UI, users will also find a new tabs tray. That offers a cleaner, more organized viewing of open tabs and tab management.

With regard to add-ons, more support has been added as well. So the browser should be able to do more, to begin with. And it should follow suit with the best browsers around and inspire more productivity for more users.

Additionally, Enhanced Tracking Protection found in the Firefox browser on Android will now be turned on by default and set to the “Strict” setting. Managing logins to better track privacy will be easier too. Namely, Firefox 79 Daylight allows sorting of those by either name or the last-used date.


European users can start downloading now, US users can later this week

Mozilla indicates that the new Firefox can be downloaded in Europe starting from today. Users in that region will probably want to head over to the Google Play Store and check for an update. There are plenty of visual changes with this version of Firefox. So it should be fairly obvious if the update hasn’t been applied yet.

On the other side of the pond, users in the US should expect the app update rollout to start as of August 27.