Here Are The Features OxygenOS 11 Will Bring To The Table


OnePlus has started rolling out Android 11 Beta 3 update, which is based on OxygenOS 11. That is the first update based on the new version of OxygenOS. Well, this update actually gives us a great idea of what features to expect in a stable version of OxygenOS 11.

This beta update comes with plenty of changes compared to previous iterations of OxygenOS. It seems like we’ll see quite a few visual changes in OxygenOS 11, along with some new features.

OxygenOS 11 brings quite a few new features to the table, and a lot of visual changes

First and foremost, let’s talk about the visual design. Well, OxygenOS 11 will look more similar to Samsung’s One UI, it seems. OnePlus is aiming to make one-handed operation easier, so it re-arranged some UI elements. On top of that, the look, in general, is more similar to One UI.


The settings page now looks more similar to One UI, as all the elements have been pushed a bit down, so they’re easier to reach. They will be empty space above the top element, and the name of the (sub-)menu you’re in.

OnePlus’ stock apps have been redesigned

On top of that, the company’s stock apps have been redesigned. Those apps include the Gallery, Notes, Weather, Messages, and more. The bold typeface, that is visible in the Settings as well, is present in all of these apps.

Icons are now larger in those apps, so that the information is easier to see. The design is still quite minimalistic, and it doesn’t look bad at all, but it’s different than it used to be. It’s a step away from stock Android, that’s for sure.


Always-On Display is also included in this build

Now, in terms of features, there’s plenty to talk about. The first thing worth mentioning is the Always-On Display. This is a feature that OnePlus users have been requesting for quite some time now.

OnePlus took its time, but the feature is finally here. There are 12 clock faces that you can choose for the Always-On Display at the moment, but more options will probably arrive. You can even schedule AOD to be on for specific times of day only.

Dark mode scheduling is now an option as well

Speaking of scheduling, you can now schedule dark mode as well. That option can be found in the display settings, which is worth noting, as it used to sit in the customization menu.


OxygenOS 11 also allows you to customize the swipe-down gesture if you want. You can choose between accessing your notification shade, or calling upon the OnePlus Shelf.

Meet OnePlus Sans, the company’s new font for OxygenOS 11

OnePlus is also rolling out a new font with OxygenOS 11, OnePlus Sans. This font is supposed to make it easier for you to read the text. It’s actually supposed to replace OnePlus Slate.

That’s not enough? How about a live wallpaper that changes based on what time of day it is. Well, that’s also something that is included here. These are only some major changes in OxygenOS 11.


We’re also expecting that one-handed mode will also be included in the final build, plus some additional additions. The first stable build of OxygenOS is expected to arrive next month.