Facebook Debuts US Voting Information Center Across Its Apps

facebook voting information center us election

Facebook has now debuted a dedicated Voting Information Center to reduce misinformation campaigns. This tool will be pretty helpful keeping in mind the fast-approaching US Presidential elections.

With the goal of helping around 4 million US voters in the upcoming elections, Facebook made this new information center live for all the users of FB, Instagram, and Messenger.

As per the official post, this one-stop-shop will provide the US users with all the credible voting information. And will also help them register themselves for voting.


Apparently, this tool will provide notifications about relevant information related to voting from their state for this upcoming US Presidential election in November.

Facebook aims to curb the voting misinformation campaigns

The main aim of launching this tool is to restrict the spread of misinformation related to Presidential campaigns, which happened back in the 2016 elections.

Besides, it will also give information related to the changes in the voting process made by the states, because of the ongoing pandemic situation.


The information provided to the users on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger via this US Voting Information Center will be from credible government authorities.

Notably, Facebook has recently launched a service to curb the spread of misinformation about coronavirus. Basically, it will show a warning to the user who shares an article on COVID-19, which is over 90 days old.

Users can access this information center directly from the menu

This Facebook Voting Information Center will help the people see if they are registered to vote or not. In case they are not, then a link will be shared which will help them with the process.


Information on whether their state has expanded the option to vote-by-mail or if the deadline is approaching or not etc. will be available via the information center.

Moreover, all the information available will be from state election officials and other nonpartisan civic organizations.

Facebook will continue to keep working with these official bodies to provide all the latest information. Besides, it will also notify regarding the changes in the voting process, if any, to the users.


Another feature called ‘Voting Alerts’ is also coming to help the voting officials share updates about voting. However, the important thing to note is that only pages from government authority are eligible to take part in this feature.

There are over 3 million US citizens who are eligible to vote but are living abroad. And this Facebook information center will help them with all the details about the voting process.