Facebook Portal Now Supports Zoom And Other Video Calling Apps

facebook portal zoom app support

In a report by Engadget, Facebook Portal is getting some new features that add support for video calling apps, including the Zoom app. This is aimed at providing more options to suit the needs of the current work-from-home culture.

Notably, Facebook Portal will now support the Zoom video calling app along with other apps. These other apps include Webex, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting.

However, one thing to note is that the Portal does not yet support Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. But the inclusion of other apps brings a wider app section for video conferencing.


Some extra features have also been added which keeps callers in the frame even if they move throughout the room. Noise cancellation using the device’s far-field microphones is also included.

The addition of Zoom is widely welcomed as it is the most used video calling app

We all know that this coronavirus has come as a blessing in disguise for video conferencing apps, especially Zoom. The surge in user base is unprecedented.

Almost every working professional or student is on the Zoom app, attending a meeting, or their classroom. Moreover, the other apps also give more options to users of Portal.


In order to install one of the apps, you need to simply head over to the App Section of the Portal. Search and download the video conferencing app of your choice and bam! You are good to go.

Notably, all the Facebook Portal devices including Portal Mini, Portal, and Portal+ will get the support of these new video calling app in September. Besides, the Portal TV support will be added later this year.

Facebook Portal frees up computing space and allows doing other tasks like taking notes, etc.

Portal negates the need of having a desktop or laptop. It is a dedicated screen that frees your computing space and gives you the convenience of taking notes, viewing documents, and other activities.


Meanwhile, the Portal’s AI camera technology consistently tracks the user to keep them in the frame. In short it’s probably better than webcams on laptops.

This is a good move and is similar to what Google announced recently. Notably, earlier today it was reported that Google will bring Zoom app support to its Google Assistant smart displays by the end of the year.

Facebook pointed out that each of the video conferencing apps would have its consistent design language, which people are used to. Meaning the Zoom interface will be like what Zoom users are accustomed to.


This applies to all the supported apps on Portal. Apparently, Whiteboard functions from Zoom and BlueJeans are also supported, only if you have a Facebook Portal with a touchscreen display.

Facebook will soon bring Workplace ID integration and Workplace platform to Portal

Going forward, Facebook will also add its very own Workplace platform to the Portal devices. Additionally, it will also bring a feature to log in to Portal using a Workplace ID instead of a Facebook or WhatsApp account.

As per Engadget, Facebook also aims to bring the option to create a free Workplace login ID in the coming weeks. All in all, this is a move in the right direction by Facebook as the world has shifted over to work-from-home culture.